Pets' Holiday Shack


  1. ¬†Client’s animal(s) are always our top priority, but if anything happens to them or they pass away in our care, Pets’ Holiday Shack is not liable as all animals are left in our care at the clients own risk.
  2. Pets’ Holiday Shack will not disclose any personal information about our clients to others.
  3. If the client’s pet(s) require to see a vet while in Pets’ Holiday Shacks care, we will take them to the client’s vet or to our own vet. The client will be liable to pay the full bill to either the vet or to Pets’ Holiday Shack, the receipts for treatment will be kept for you. We will do what is recommended by the vet, and keep clients informed via the contact information provided to us.
  4. The client is responsible for supplying Pets’ Holiday Shack with sufficient quantities of the animals food and other equipment necessary such as: leads, collars, litter trays, litter, toys, treats etc.
  5. If the client needs to extend animal(s) time in Pets’ Holiday Shacks care, please get in touch immediately, to ensure that we can accommodate/care for them. The client will be charged the additional days at normal rates and asked to pay this, when collecting the pet/on your return.
  6. A 25% deposit is required to be paid within 2 weeks of the booking being made. If not received, Pets’ Holiday Shack reserves the right to cancel the booking. In the event of the client subsequently cancelling the booking no refund will be made if notice of cancellation is received one week or less before commencement of the booking date.
  7. The balance of the fees are to be paid at the start of the booking period.
  8. All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated and on a regular flea and worm treatment, Pets’ Holiday Shack reserves the right to refuse bookings of any pet(s) not vaccinated and not on flea and worm treatment. Vaccination certificates and dates of last flea and worm treatment must be shown before start of booking period.
  9. The client should alert their neighbours that Pets’ Holiday Shack is visiting their property.
  10. All dogs and cats must be insured by their owner. Pets’ Holiday Shack reserves the right to not accept bookings for animals that are not insured. Insurance documentation must be shown before start of booking period.
  11. The client must alert Pets’ Holiday Shack of any animal behavioural problems at the time of booking. If not so advised and such problems arise Pets’ Holiday Shack reserves the right to cancel current and future bookings.

Small Animal Boarding

  1. If the client should sustain any injury while on Pets’ Holiday Shacks property, Pets’ Holiday Shack will not accept liability.
  2. All rabbits must be fully vaccinated against VHD and myxomatosis, a valid vaccination card must be shown before arrival or Pets’ Holiday Shack will not accept the rabbit(s).
  3. On arrival at Pets’ Holiday Shack, all animals will be given a health check, if the animal shows any sign of illness, Pets’ Holiday Shack has the right to refuse taking in the animal.
  4. Only bonded pairs and groups can occupy a single hutch. If Pets’ Holiday Shack has to separate pairs or groups due to fighting, for their own welfare, there will be an additional charge at daily rates for the extra hutches.
  5. If Pets’ Holiday Shack cannot get in touch with the client and the client has not collected their pet after 10 days of the collection date, we will assume that the client has abandoned the animal, and will seek to rehome it.